Wednesday, 26 September 2012

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Having grown up on a small hobby farm where we grew what we ate, I was lucky that all of the women in my life cooked from ‘scratch’.  I also lived in a multicultural neighbourhood where I developed a taste for and an interest in international cookery.  Those days are long gone. So are organizations that included demonstrations of food preparation, like the Women’s Institutes, IODE, 4 H Clubs, and Women’s Auxiliaries.  Schools no longer teach Home Economics where both boys and girls had the opportunity to learn cooking basics.  I am generalizing here as this is what has happened in my community.

It seems that there are more TV cooking shows on now than at any other time in history. Yet, fewer people cook meals at home.  Many eat out or pick up convenience foods.  I have thought about this for some time now and feel that part of the problem is that young people do not know how to cook.  They have never seen it take place in their home so how would they know what to do to make something as simple as a scrambled egg.

My intentions are to continue the blog as it is but to also use it as a vehicle to hopefully draw in a younger readership. This can only happen if I include topics that might teach a younger person either a method, a history of the food or a comparative recollection of today’s world versus the days when I grew up.  The main ingredient though is to create enthusiasm, something that seems to be lacking in today’s technological world.  

 Try to think outside of the box (literally) regarding what you put into your mouth. You can be assured that this blog will ‘Tempt Every Palate’.

Chemicals, n:  Noxious substances from which modern foods are made.  ~Author Unknown 

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Anonymous said...

G, glad you are back up and running. I like your idea very much about getting young people to cook. My younger son and his girlfriend and their friends LOVE to cook. I am jealous because I am so tired of it -- making dinner every day for years will do that to you! I hope to use your blog and their enthusiasm to become more interested in cooking